History of Boy Scout Troop 302

Boy Scout Troop 302 started operation on March 28, 1927. We have reviewed our historical file at the council office and it includes the original charter. In the charter, Troop #1 is shown as the preceding troop. Troop #1 failed to renew their charter sometime between 1922 and 1927. The first scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 302 was Robert W. Armstrong. He was 22 and in college. Mr. Armstrong had been a member of the previous troop #1 from 1917 to 1922. Three committee members listed were Glen Hovermale- Superintendent of schools, L.W. Armstrong- a physician, and Charles Cook, a banker.The troop started with ten boys and has continued to be sponsored since 1927 by the Danville United Methodist Church. Danville United Methodist church is one of the oldest continuous sponsors of a Boy Scout Troop in America. We have had a total of 22 scoutmasters over the 76 years of our existence, and our current scoutmaster is Jeff Decker. A total of 59 boys have attained the rank of Eagle Scout. Our latest Eagle Scout is Kenneth Ebbing. Older boys are assigned to younger boys as mentors. The older scout then helps the younger with rank advancement and scouting skills. Patrols are broken up by age so the younger boys are in their own patrol. This mentor arrangement encourages camaraderie and teamwork between patrols. We are very proud of our troop history and will continue as a small, friendly, family.


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